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Dermatology / Skin Consultation.

Dr Ming Rawat is a GP  with a particular interest in dermatology. She completed the Higher Diploma in Dermatology in 2003 UCD and is a member of the Primary care Dermatology Society. She also teaches dermatology to GP trainees, runs workshops in dermatology for CME (Continued Medical Education of GP’s )  and has been an examiner for the Higher Diploma in Dermatology from 2014-16. She continues to update her skills at dermatology conferences and training and offers  skin consultations.


Many people think little can be done for skin conditions – people suffer silently without help. Most skin problems –  itches, acne , eczema , psoriasis and all the other skin worries  are treatable when approached in a holistic manner in Calderwood family clinic.

Skin Cancer is on the increase. If you have new moles and are  over age 30 years old or have a changing mole or an unhealing  “sore” on your skin, then make an appointment for a skin consultation.


Advice on skin cancer prevention and early detection will be given with sun damaged skin treated as needed by prescribed creams and cryosurgery.  You will be given a full body skin check on your first appointment and suspicious areas looked at using a dermatoscope – magnifying and using different light polarised to assess any lesion for improved diagnostics.

There is a charge of € 80 for a first visit if self referred (or € 55 if referred by other GP in the surgery) for the skin consultation. This is to cover the double appointment time allocated to allow for possible photography or cryosurgery needed,  or further referral to dermatology services / colleagues. There is a charge for GMS patients as the medical card does not cover this specialised clinic, a charge of €25 applies at the Doctors discretion.


Wart and Verruca treatments

Warts and Verruca are harmless and do not have to be treated as they usually disappear within 1-2 years. However if they become painful , multiply and/or are unsightly in  their location etc, then treatment with Cryosurgery- Liquid Nitrogen treatment can be offered . Some cryosurgical treatments are covered by the private health insurance companies and in the case of HSE GMS card holders. However neither pay for equipment or local anaesthetic and nurse time so for this reason we charge a fee €25-55 depending.