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Mental Wellbeing

Statistics suggest that one in four of us will suffer a mental health issue in any given year. In Europe one in five people develop a depressive illness during their lifetime. Mental health problems account for up to 30% of consultations with GPs.

There are many conditions that can affect a person’s mental health. These include: Anxiety, Depression, Bereavement, Insomnia, Stress and other mood related conditions. We are trained to assist you in a compassionate and confidential setting. We offer individual tailored assessment, provide care plans, discuss all your options – including medication, integrated medicine, mindfulness and/ or specialist referral.

Phone us to make an appointment with our Doctor who will listen, provide practical advice, and support you as you gain control of your mental health.

Integrated Health Care

At Calderwood Family Clinic we believe that mindfulness based training and practices can provide us with skills and tools to look after our mental health.

We live in a busy world, we live in a global connected fast paced world which is enriching but can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. In our clinic we provide the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) courses run by Mr Paddy Gowan.  These courses help us practice how to slow the mind down.