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Dr Mary Behan is the principle GP at Calderwood Family Clinic.  We also have Dr Mariam Rawat & Dr Margaret Edgeworth.  Please note appointments are offered based on availability and we kindly request patients to accept the first appointment offered. Preference for specific G.P’s can only be accommodated in exceptional circumstances. Each GP can only SAFELY see a number of patients in each session  – taking the first appointment offered to you will enable us to efficiently manage both GP’s schedules and ensure best practice is experienced by all.

All appointments are booked through our Practice Management system. If you are being seen as an emergency that day and are fitted in your appointment time may be less. We try our best not to have patients waiting too long so please attend on time for your appointment. We understand patients can often have a list of items to get through with the doctor, we want to assure you the doctor will always endeavour to get through as much as they can in the time, but to ensure adequate time and attentation is given to each issue you may be asked to make a follow up appointment.

If you specifically feel you require a longer appointment time, this can be requested at the time of booking. The standard appointment cost is €55 and the longer appointment time is €85.

Longer appointment times may be required for the following appointment types:

1. First Appointments


Please ensure you call or email the surgery if you are going to cancel an appointment. Very often another patient may be on a cancelation list waiting for an appointment. If two or more members of the same family need to be seen please let reception know at time of booking.

House visits are available for those who are terminally ill, house bound or too seriously unwell to travel. They should be booked before 11am and you should tell reception why a house call is needed. The Doctor may call you back before doing a house call. Please do not abuse this service as many patients can be seen in the surgery in the time it takes to do one house call.

Our out of hours service is DDoc, for emergencies when the clinic is closed please call 1850 22 44 77. It is open Monday to Friday from 6pm-8am, Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays 24 hours. All patients of the surgery both GMS and Private can use DDoc.

Please note we do not answer any medical queries via email.